Your partner in medical device engineering

From the idea to the functional prototype

We are specialized in assisting our customers throughout the engineering, design and development of medical devices, as well as taking care of regulatory requirements and all that is needed to make each concept evolve from an idea up to a functional prototype (prove of concept) .

Innovation, competence and passion are the focal points of our work, to guarantee a strong partnership with our customers.

Our expertise

Medical Devices

We take over the responsibility to create a functional prototype (or prove of concept) starting from a request or idea for a medical device in the ophtalmologic field of applications. We take in account all the requirements (e.g.: industrialization, regulatory pocedures) to ease the following development steps.

Prototype Development

Our experts will help you transform your concept into a working prototype, ready for practical evaluation and further development

Electronic Engineering

Custom hardware and firmware development with state-of-the-art tools to optimize functionalities, construction and cost

Software Development

From UI/UX to computer vision and embedded software, we can provide an efficient software solution for your medical needs

Regulatory requirements

Knowing the requirements requested for regulatory compliance and the needed procedures for FDA and EU market approval we develop concepts and prototypes to ease the following industrialization and approval steps

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