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in Ophthalmology

At Oculox Technologies, we are dedicated to driving innovation in ophthalmology and revolutionizing treatment options for eye diseases. Together, we are redefining standards of care, ensuring a brighter future for us all.


Establish a comprehensive eye-healthcare platform from early diagnosis to effective treatment, ensuring global holistic care solutions.

Meet our Flagship Products

Oculox WISE

A new device combining cutting-edge pupillometry and specific scotopic light stimuli to evaluate and support the diagnosis of early-onset retina and neuroretina disorders.

Oculox SEES

A clinical-stage therapeutic device utilizing advanced multi-mode laser therapy technology to offer an effective alternative for intermediate age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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  • Experience: 15 years of expertise in developing medical devices for the ophthalmology field

  • Know-How: Multi-disciplinary competencies ranging from physics, engineering, and translational sciences to clinical trials management, regulatory, and entrepreneurship

  • Collaboration: Close partnerships with professionals in various disciplines and with ophthalmologists in different clinical settings

  • Patient Impact: Our solutions aim to significantly influence the lives of patients positively

Who we are

Headquartered in Muzzano, we are committed to pioneering innovation in ophthalmology.

Our mission is to develop advanced technology and products that redefine the standard of care for ocular diseases.

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